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Re: musicxml2ly produces unexpected EOF in .ly file

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: Re: musicxml2ly produces unexpected EOF in .ly file
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 12:02:33 +0200

Il giorno ven 24 ago 2018 alle 11:33, Victor Rouanet <"victor.rouanet"@gmx.fr> ha scritto:
Good morning,

I'm having an issue with musicxml2ly, installed with a manually downloaded version on lilypond 2.19.82.

I exported a musicxml file from Musescore, then converted it to lilypond source with musicxml2ly without error. However, when I try to compile it with lilypond, I get the following error: "syntax error, unexpected end of input, expecting \header". Here is the full output: https://hastebin.com/raw/navufewufu

And the musicxml file content: https://hastebin.com/jafanosumu.xml

This error happened with any musicxml file I tried to convert from Musescore.

After some research, I found this topic on the lilypond-user list http://lilypond.1069038.n5.nabble.com/XML-to-ly-and-Lilypond-again-td203101.html which looks like exactly the same. The suggested workaround (replacing split_string_and_preserve_doublequoted_substrings by string.split in musicexp.py:139) makes it work, but I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.

Which operating system are you using?

On Linux, I don't get any EOF error.
Find attached the .ly file generated by musicxml2ly version 2.19.82.
There's a wrong input though:

$ /usr/bin/lilypond jafanosumu.ly
GNU LilyPond 2.19.82
Processing `jafanosumu.ly'
jafanosumu.ly:30:17: error: syntax error, unexpected '^'
   \tempo 4=80
               ^\markup{ \bold {Moderato} } | % 1
jafanosumu.ly:30:18: error: markup outside of text script or \lyricmode
   \tempo 4=80 ^
                \markup{ \bold {Moderato} } | % 1
jafanosumu.ly:32:34: error: syntax error, unexpected '_'
   \mark \markup { \box { A } }
_\markup{ \italic {sempre forte} } | % 2
jafanosumu.ly:32:35: error: markup outside of text script or \lyricmode
   \mark \markup { \box { A } } _
\markup{ \italic {sempre forte} } | % 2
jafanosumu.ly:33:51: error: syntax error, unexpected '^'
   \stemDown e4 \stemDown c4 \stemUp g2 \breathe
                                                 ^\markup{ \italic
jafanosumu.ly:33:52: error: markup outside of text script or \lyricmode
   \stemDown e4 \stemDown c4 \stemUp g2 \breathe ^
                                                  \markup{ \italic
jafanosumu.ly:41:5: error: errors found, ignoring music expression

fatal error: failed files: "jafanosumu.ly"

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