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Re: musicxml2ly produces unexpected EOF in .ly file

From: Paul Hodges
Subject: Re: musicxml2ly produces unexpected EOF in .ly file
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2018 11:11:31 +0100

I was planning to report this.  What's happening is that strings are being 
converted to 16-bit Unicode instead of UTF8, and so they are interspersed with 
nulls.  If you remove the nulls with a capable editor, then that issue goes 
away (you can do it with Frescobaldi, but it's non-intuitive - copy part of a 
string into the replace dialogue, the nulls appear as spaces, delete everything 
except one null then replace with nothing throughout the file).

Other issues:

The line

which occurs in the score section for each stave causes the bar-checks to fail 
(I don't get why, but that's how it is), so it would be nice to be able to turn 
that off.

Also, the score is full of explicit \stemUp and \stemDown commands, which it 
would also be good to be able to omit.

Finally, I don't know why, but the conversion fails for me on any XML generated 
by Sibelius 7.5 (the version I have) or MuseScore (current).  In both cases, I 
can read them into Dorico which can then rewrite them in a way that the 
Lilypond converter reads successfully.


 From:   Victor Rouanet <address@hidden> 
 To:   <address@hidden> 
 Sent:   24/08/2018 10:33 AM 
 Subject:   musicxml2ly produces unexpected EOF in .ly file 

Good morning, 
I'm having an issue with musicxml2ly, installed with a manually  
downloaded version on lilypond 2.19.82. 
I exported a musicxml file from Musescore, then converted it to lilypond  
source with musicxml2ly without error. However, when I try to compile it  
with lilypond, I get the following error: "syntax error, unexpected end  
of input, expecting \header". Here is the full output:  
And the musicxml file content: https://hastebin.com/jafanosumu.xml 
This error happened with any musicxml file I tried to convert from  
After some research, I found this topic on the lilypond-user list  
which looks like exactly the same. 
The suggested workaround (replacing  
split_string_and_preserve_doublequoted_substrings by string.split in  
musicexp.py:139) makes it work, but I'm wondering if I'm doing something  
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