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[LSR] multi-measure-rest-length-control.ly snippet should not use \compr

From: Federico Bruni
Subject: [LSR] multi-measure-rest-length-control.ly snippet should not use \compressFullBarRests
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2018 11:54:25 +0200

Hi folks

Bug Squad, this does not require a new issue in the tracker, but just someone who can fix the snippet on the LSR website.

There's a recent snippet file imported from LSR which contains \compressFullBarRests.

$ git grep \compressFullBarRests Documentation/snippets
Documentation/snippets/multi-measure-rest-length-control.ly:25: \compressFullBarRests Documentation/snippets/new/multi-measure-rest-length-control.ly:17: \compressFullBarRests

Given this commit:

commit ba9a8dc730bb3a681455150bc0a3eef0976523af
Author: Trevor Daniels <address@hidden>
Date: Fri May 1 22:56:47 2015 +0100

   Issue 3687 (part 2): Amend docs to use \compressMMRests

     Amend the examples in the LM and NR to use the \compressMMRests
     music function rather than the predefs \compressFullBarRests and
     \expandFullBarRests to avoid advocating the use of techniques
     which may have undesirable side effects.

we should replace it with \compressMMRests.
Who can do this change in the LSR?


PS Frescobaldi auto-completion is currently suggesting only \compressFullBarRests.
I've opened a new issue in the python-ly package:

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