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Re: Very long PDFs with 2.19.80, \chord and #ly:one-page-breaking

From: Torsten Hämmerle
Subject: Re: Very long PDFs with 2.19.80, \chord and #ly:one-page-breaking
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 02:54:00 -0700 (MST)


Yes, with \chords (or \new ChordNames etc.) as last line the score, the PDF
page height will be 200 inches.

Aaron Hill wrote
> Interestingly, PNG 200dpi cropped is 164x137069 but only 291KB.  Good 
> compression.  ;-)

/Off topic:/
That's the benefit of the PNG format for screenshots: uniformly coloured
areas will take up very little storage space and PNG is lossless. Like in
this case: "white all over" is far more economic that storing each and every
individual pixel. Even JPEG is inferior for screenshots because it has been
developed for photographs where you practically never have neighboring
pixels of exactly the same colour. Moreover, JPEG compression is anything
but lossless for screenshots with sharp contrasts and edges.

All the best,

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