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Re: Very long PDFs with 2.19.80, \chord and #ly:one-page-breaking

From: James
Subject: Re: Very long PDFs with 2.19.80, \chord and #ly:one-page-breaking
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 17:52:41 +0100
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On 11/10/18 12:49, Torsten Hämmerle wrote:
Urs Liska-3 wrote
What would be the remedy? A fix in the code to change the behaviour of
this specific combination? Or rather a "Known issue" addition to the NR?


Given the fact that #ly:one-page-breaking is quite new (dating back to 2016)
and only part of the development versions of LilyPond, I'd very much prefer
to have the issue solved than just documenting the problem.

In a first step, the page-height is set to a maximum, and at the end,
page-height is set to the finale height of the score.
In case of ChordNames, however, it looks like a \vfill (speaking TeX)
between the last stave and the chord symbols filling up all the space.

Perhaps even Paul Morris, the developer of the one-page-breaking feature has
an idea.
In any case, creating an issue would be a good idea, and if there's no
solution, the issue can still be used for adding "Known issues and warnings"
to the NR.
If this is a bug then we don't 'document' them in Known Issues.

They get a tracker Item only.


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