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Re: Disappearing dynamics

From: Urs Liska
Subject: Re: Disappearing dynamics
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2018 15:21:27 +0100
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Am 9. November 2018 15:07:41 MEZ schrieb Andrew Bernard <address@hidden>:
>Hi Urs,
>Installed Debian 9.5 and all. The error, I am sorry to say, is in
>Frescobaldi, displayed in Ubuntu 18.10 and Debian 9.5. Using emacs and
>command line lilypond works fine on both Linux distros. Using
>3.0.0, the dynamics appear only intermittently, with no apparent
>I am at a complete loss to understand this, and I cannot imagine how to
>demonstrate it without giving away my entire library of code and IP.
>completely inexplicable to me why only dynamics are affected. So far,
>is just a ten page start on a string quartet, so I don't think the
>is stretched to its limits at all.
>This behaviour shows up whether using the lilypond default system
>fonts, or
>Linux Biolinum O that I use, or any other font.
>What this means is that unless anybody ever sees this that I will have
>give up using Frescobaldi, a great pity.
>If anybody has any clue how to debug this it would be great. I do not
>how to get the lilypond command for compiling out of Frescobaldi to

.As said I need to know whether you use Frescobaldi from a release (downloaded 
or distribution) or from its Git repository.

Depending on that (also the result of frescobaldi -V) I can give you some code 
to debug the LilyPond invocation.



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