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zlib Python module missing on Windows? (was: Import of MXL (compressed X

From: Urs Liska
Subject: zlib Python module missing on Windows? (was: Import of MXL (compressed XML) ends with error message missing "zlib module")
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2019 17:25:33 +0100
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CCing back to the list (please always reply-to-all)

Am 13.01.19 um 16:35 schrieb Sam:
Added the musicxml-file-extension-wish to the Frescobaldi issue tracker.

Thanks, I've seen it. And I must say that I read your initial message during a rehearsal, and when I got home I would probably have forgotten about the issue. So creating an explicit issue was a good idea.

"I can't really say anything about this." ...means MXL import works for you? Or that it has nothing directly to do with LilyPond? The latter is probably true, since something seems to be missing from the integrated Python bundle, but this bundle is part of the LilyPond installation on Windows.

That means I didn't know anything about this issue.

On my Linux computer I don't see your problem.

a) A self-compiled LilyPond imports the .mxl file without errors or warnings (however, I didn't check the *results*).

b) Running LilyPond 2.19.82 from the binary download correctly uncompressed the file but failed later:

Starting musicxml2ly...

musicxml2ly: Reading MusicXML from /home/uliska/Aktuell/tests/lilypond/xml/Nh_Reichard_Abends_male.mxl ...

musicxml2ly: Input file /home/uliska/Aktuell/tests/lilypond/xml/Nh_Reichard_Abends_male.mxl is compressed, extracting raw MusicXML data

musicxml2ly: Converting to LilyPond expressions...

musicxml2ly: Converting to LilyPond expressions...

musicxml2ly: Converting to LilyPond expressions...

musicxml2ly: Converting to LilyPond expressions...

musicxml2ly: Output to `/tmp/frescobaldi-742kjseh/tmphr5kz8kp/Nh_Reichard_Abends_male.ly'

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 3277, in ?


File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 3271, in main

voices = convert(filename, options)

File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/bin/musicxml2ly", line 3183, in convert


File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/share/lilypond/current/python/musicexp.py", line 855, in print_ly

self.format_header_strings(k, v, printer)

File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/share/lilypond/current/python/musicexp.py", line 848, in format_header_strings


File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/share/lilypond/current/python/musicexp.py", line 123, in newline

self._file.write (self._line + '\n')

File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/lib/python2.4/codecs.py", line 501, in write

return self.writer.write(data)

File "/home/uliska/lilypond/usr/lib/python2.4/codecs.py", line 178, in write

data, consumed = self.encode(object, self.errors)

UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf8' codec can't decode bytes in position 30-35: unsupported Unicode code range

This is due to the (known) problem that the ancient bundled Python 2.4 has problems with the UTF-8 encoding used today.

This indicates that a module is missing from the Python bundled with the *Windows* installer.


Am 13.01.2019 um 14:57 schrieb Urs Liska:
Hi Sam,

Am 13. Januar 2019 14:26:48 MEZ schrieb Sam <address@hidden>:
Hello Lilypondians,
I tried to import compressed musicxml files (MXL), but no matter which
Lilypond version I am using (not all of them, of course, but 2.19.31/65

+ 82), I always get the error message "De-compression requires the
(missing) zlib module". The attachment contains a MXL file for testing
purposes. According to Lilypond and also Frescobaldi's import dialog an

MXL import should be possible. As it looks something is missing with
bundled Python.
I can't really say anything about this.


OS is Windows 10 (1809), Lilypond 2.19.31/65/82 (in 3 different
directories) and Frescobaldi 2.20.0 are installed.

P.S.: since the import via XML works quite well for me (but not in
2.9.65/82), the MXL problem never bothered me much. Unfortunately
MuseScore has changed the extension from .xml to .musicxml, so you have

to rename files you want to import all the time. Maybe you could add
extension musicxml for the import.
This is directed at Frescobaldi and not LilyPond. I can easily add that, but could you please add that wish on Frescobaldi's GitHub issue tracker so it doesn't get lost.


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