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Re: \parenthesize is not affected by \tweak

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: \parenthesize is not affected by \tweak
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 21:26:48 +0100
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Pierre Perol-Schneider <address@hidden> writes:

> What I mean is that the manual does not says "music object".  What I
> mean is that "\tweak color #red \parenthesize c' " has the same output
> than "\parenthesize \tweak color #red c'" -- weired to me.  What I
> mean is that in "c'-\tweak color #red -1", #1 is not a musical object
> according to my eyes, it is a music function setting the fingering
> property on the music object.

You are free to invent your own terminology but you cannot expect the
manual to give authoritive answers according to what you choose to call

> So, another basic question: is there any technical limit so that \tweak
> could be applied to \parenthesized ?

\parenthesized is not an object.  As it stands, color tweaks to notes do
not currently extend beyond the notehead and don't affect, say, Stem and
Flag .

If you want to change that relation for parentheses, you can specify
something like

\layout {
  \context { \Score
             \override ParenthesesItem.color
                = #(grob::inherit-parent-property Y 'color) }

in which case the Score-wide default color will get taken from the
Y-parent of a ParenthesesItem, usually the item respective to which the
parentheses are placed.

This would cause both notehead and parens in

\tweak color #red \parenthesize c'

to be colored red.  If you only want the parens, something like

    \single \override ParenthesesItem.color = #red \parenthesize c'

will do the trick, changing only the paren color on the parentehsized c' .

David Kastrup

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