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abc2ly script doesn't support dynamics

From: alex
Subject: abc2ly script doesn't support dynamics
Date: Fri, 06 Mar 2020 10:19:42 -0800
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This is my first time reporting a bug here. If I am violating some protocol, 
please let me know.

I am using `abc2ly`, provided in the lilypond packaging, to convert the 
following ABC to Lilypond:

C: Alex Hansen
L: 1/128

V:TI clef=treble name="Voice 1" snm="V.1"

V:TII clef=bass name="Voice 2" snm="V.2"

[V:TI] d32d32a32a32b32b32!p!a64g32g32^f32^f32e32e32d64


Note the !p! dynamic in [V:TI]. I believe the script for abc2ly does not 
support dynamics currently, although this is valid ABC. Are there plans to 
implement dynamics? In the ABC standard, it is noted that while not all 
attributes are considered required when parsing ABC, dynamics are part of the 
core set.



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