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LaTeX embedding of after staff editorial annotation

From: Claire Meyer
Subject: LaTeX embedding of after staff editorial annotation
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 14:44:09 +0200

I recently wanted to reproduce an old score, on which an editorial
annotation is located after the score. For fidelity's sake, I wanted to
reproduce the annotation.
I used a solution found on music stack exchange
<https://music.stackexchange.com/a/101207/68804> and it didn't work right
away. So I investigated, and it seems that the problem is apparent when the
score is integrated via latex. Now, I know this mailing list is for
lilypond related bugs, not latex' ones, but I'm not sure the bug is related
to the package I use, just that it becomes apparent when I integrate with
latex, thus the bug report.

Onto the issue :
When trying to add after staff editorial annotation, my score looks fine
when I compile with lilypond directly, but the annotation doesn't appear on
my document when I integrate the score in my document via latex.

Documents attached :
- MWE : pianoTest.ly (14 lines, 336 chars)  and latex.tex (6 lines, 150
- what it looks like compiled with lilypond : pianoTest.pdf
- what it looks like integrated via latex : latex.pdf

Configuration :
- lilypond v2.20.0
- texlive-full 20200626-1 w/ texlive-music 2019.52275-1
- latex package used : lyluatex
- OS : Manjaro KDE (arch-based linux)


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