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Re: Fonts on Arch Linux

From: Andrew Bernard
Subject: Re: Fonts on Arch Linux
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2020 10:58:10 +1000

Hi Carl,

Thank you so much for this really useful information. I do wonder what
happened to the development of the font. Perhaps just abandoned after
ten years or more. Biolinum was an excellent Optima replacement, and I
use it a lot. All I can find nowadays is scrappy partial sets of
dubious provenance on all those free font sites. So to find out about
this proper and high quality ongoing work with so many improvements,
and mathematical typesetting to boot is wonderful.

I very much appreciate your reply, and I would never have found this without it.


On Mon, 29 Jun 2020 at 03:32, Carl Sorensen <c_sorensen@byu.edu> wrote:

> You can also get a forked continuation of the now non-developed Linux 
> Libertine fonts as  Libertinus, which has Serif, Sans, and Mono variants.

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