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Re: 64 bit MacOS version + Apple Silicon version

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: 64 bit MacOS version + Apple Silicon version
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2021 18:08:01 +0200
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Bart Kummel <bart@kummelweb.nl> writes:

> I think you should re-consider this comment: "The other option is
> ditching LilyPad and doing a Darwin-only version of LilyPond, assuming
> that we can do this with suitably free components.", by David
> Kastrup. I don't think many people are using the limited editor
> LilyPad. There are a lot of better tools available (Frescobaldi). I'd
> rather have a native LilyPond without the *Pad, than having to compile
> it myself or rely on a Docker solution.

When you say something like "someone should figure out how to make all
of LilyPond work on Darwin and supply all of the needed infrastructure
because it is inconvenient for me to compile it myself" you don't quite
make a compelling case about _why_ someone should do a whole lot more
work than you'd be willing to subject yourself to.

There are a lot of areas in LilyPond that are suffering from a lack of
people actually investing work.  For example, the Dutch translation is
at a comparatively pitiful state which would be ironic (given Han-Wen's
and Jan's nationality) except that the German translation (given my
nationality) is not better off after my tenure.

However, at least I have the excuse of having invested considerable work
into LilyPond as have Han-Wen and Jan.  In contrast, many of those who
clamor "you should be doing this for me because I am no programmer"
would be perfectly capable of starting to work on translations and
documentation right away.

Which turns the "because I am not a programmer" excuse into "because I
have better things to do" (to put it politely).

That's not really a motivator.  Free Software has a lot of devoted
friends akin to "The Devoted Friend" in the short story of Oscar Wilde.

David Kastrup

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