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Re: Garbage copied from PDF when using certain fonts

From: Huanyu Liu
Subject: Re: Garbage copied from PDF when using certain fonts
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 15:34:58 +0800

Hi Knut,

> Do you use a lilypond installer or do you build lilypond from source? Which
> operating system do you use?

I am using Ubuntu 21.10 and installed LilyPond from its repository 
(2.22.0-10). I also tried the latest stable (2.22.1-1) and development 
(2.23.3-1) installer from the LilyPond official website, but neither worked for 
me. I haven't tried building from source yet.

By the way, the PDF viewer is Okular. I also tried Evince and pdf.js in 
Firefox. Unfortunately, none of them worked. Interestingly, as for the text of 
Japanese in the example, the results copied from the three viewers have 
different orders.

(PS: This is my first time to email to a mailing list. The online client 
provided by Tencent seems to be really buggy with mailing lists, so this time 
I am using KMail. Hope nothing will go wrong...)


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