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Internals Reference info-dir-section broken

From: John Wheeler
Subject: Internals Reference info-dir-section broken
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2021 16:01:18 -0500
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The code that creates the file: internals.texi, which is found in ./scm/documentation-generate.scm and ./scm/documentation-lib.scm, inserts the following texinfo code near the beginning of the file:

* GNU LilyPond Internals Reference: (internals).          LilyPond Internals 

This texinfo code is incorrect as the reference '(internals)' points to a 
non-existent file; it should read '(lilypond-internals)'. It is also somewhat 
redundant because the main info dir section for LilyPond already contains a 
menu item that points to the correct file. As far as I can tell, this incorrect 
code only affects the internals.info, file so removing it will not impact any 
other document.

I suggest removing this code and have attached a patch to v2.23 that does that. 
This patch also removes the function texi-file-head, because it is only used to 
create the code above.

If you rather I can give a patch that corrects the pointer.

Your thoughts?

Thank you,

John Wheeler

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