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DocBook processor: unexpected reliance on working directory

From: James
Subject: DocBook processor: unexpected reliance on working directory
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2021 08:24:33 +0000


Dear list,

Again, in the context of LyX' DocBook support for LilyPond, I'm running a
Python script to bridge the gap between LyX and LilyPond.

This script is run from within LyX and inherits, in particular, its
environment variables and working directory. The file lilypond-book should
transform are in a temporary directory. However, lilypond-book seems to be
sometimes using the working directory when calling lilypond to perform the
actual conversion of a snippet into an image.

The symptom is an error message like:

guile: uncaught throw to system-error:  (("open-fdes" "~A" ("No such file
or directory") (2)))

It refers to transforming a .ly file in …lyxbin…/ff/, whereas lilypond-book
was started on a file …lyxtmp…/lyx_tmpbuf0/ff/.

I am not able to reproduce this bug consistently, though.

Thibaut Cuvelier




Seeing that you had no reply and being a big fan of 'Cunningham's Law' I am going to suggest on list that perhaps the inconsistency of this bug is something to do with the number of parallel 'jobs' that lilypond-book is performing at the time causing it to occasionally trip up over itself looking for something that is either no longer or not yet there to process.

Obviously the inconsistency makes it hard to diagnose I am sure, but I thought I might just throw my proverbial 'Two penn'orth' in.




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