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Re: Import XML fails with python error [Macport LilyPond with Frescoblad

From: Jim Weisbin
Subject: Re: Import XML fails with python error [Macport LilyPond with Frescobladi]
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 16:15:16 -0400

> On Oct 12, 2021, at 4:13 PM, Jonas Hahnfeld <hahnjo@hahnjo.de> wrote:
> Am Dienstag, dem 12.10.2021 um 16:02 -0400 schrieb Jim Weisbin:
>> I was under some pressure to get this working for a client, who was
>> unfortunately on Mac OS Catalina. I tried importing xml files with
>> many many different combinations of Lilypond and Frescobaldi. The
>> only combination I could get to work was with Frescobaldi 3.1.2 and
>> an "unofficial" build of Lilypond from this link 
>> https://gitlab.com/marnen/lilypond-mac-builder/-
>> /releases/v2.20.0.build20200311175017
>> (Fresocobaldi 3.1.3 also failed with errors).
>> That combination "worked", but there were too many spurious details
>> in the output, such as many "stems up" directives that should not
>> have been there.
>> In the end we were able to get things working on another computer
>> running Mojave, with Frescobaldi 3.1.3 and an official build of
>> Lilypond version 2.18. Later builds also failed to import musicxml
>> files.
>> In the end that combo seems to work, but completely fails to import
>> lyrics, with no errors reported.
>> I'm no Python expert, but I have done a bit of Python programming. I
>> tried different versions of Python, but I can see that the Lilypond
>> application has a Python executable built in. So does the system's
>> Python ever come into play, and if so, why? Does Frescobaldi depend
>> on it? Different versions of python on the system seemed to have no
>> effect on the output errors.
> Yes, official binaries come with a Python interpreter that should also
> be used for the script. However, if you install LilyPond from MacPorts,
> then it is probably going to use whatever Python is installed next to
> it...
> Jonas

I tried the Macports version, but that produced errors as well.

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