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Re: What is the point of bug-lilypond?

From: James
Subject: Re: What is the point of bug-lilypond?
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 08:24:37 +0000


On 14/10/2021 08:30, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

Since James is doing most of the work, I think we should do what he
prefers.  This doesn't prevent other developers to chime in and help
with handling bug reports.  And frequent *and experienced* bug
reporters should be told to directly use the bug tracker.

Oh God! Don't start doing that!


I wasn't trying to say 'my way is best'. I was just trying to give a point of view.

I think to be very fair to Jean, he has done a lot of bug reports as have others (and he even gets them of the user lists - unlike me!) I was just trying to see if this suggestion is really better than what we do now and if so how or if not perhaps it is better in some ways and not others.

If in the end the development team would prefer it changed/different then I will go along with whatever.



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