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Wrong chord names in notation reference

From: skoop007
Subject: Wrong chord names in notation reference
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2022 21:14:01 +0100


I noticed that a few chord names of the chord name chart in the notation 
reference (chapter A.1) are incorrect.
These definitions are apparently derived from "Klaus Ignatzek: Die Jazzmethode 
für Klavier 1. Schott, 1995". I have this book in front of me and some chord 
names are not correct. Please compare the chord names there on page 18.

1) For example "c - e - g - d" is called "C add9" and not "C 9". Only if the 7 
is included, you call it "C 7/9" or "C 9". 

2) The same applies here: "c - e flat - g - f". The correct notation would be 
"Cm add11" or "Cm add4". "Cm 11" would be: "c - e flat - g - b flat - d - f" 
with 7 and 9. 

3) "C lyd" and "C maj7 #11" mean the same thing, by the way. "c - e - g - b - f 
sharp" is appropriately called "Cmaj7 add#11". 

I know that there are different spellings for many chord symbols, but these 
mentioned points have actually been adopted incorrectly. I am not aware of any 
literature that justifies previous spellings.

It would be great if these bugs were fixed soon. 

Many greetings

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