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Re: Horizontal alignment of DynamicTextSpanner left text

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Horizontal alignment of DynamicTextSpanner left text
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2022 00:24:03 +0100
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Le 01/02/2022 à 22:27, Simon Albrecht a écrit :
Thanks for the encouragement ;)

I don’t have any knowledge of C++ at all and haven’t made any contributions to the code for a long time. I’ll see whether I can find time to try.

For a start, renaming attach-dir can be done via search/replace
without any knowledge of C++ at all. You just need to update
documentation and regtests as well [1]. You should also add
a convert-ly rule in python/convertrules.py (if you don't know
Python, it's famous for being easy to learn, and you can mimic
the existing rules).

I'm actually starting to wonder if parent-alignment-X will be
the best name since bound-details.right.parent-alignment-X aligns
on the right bound, which is not at all the X parent of the spanner;
the parent is normally the left bound. So bound-alignment-X
would be more appropriate, although the little lie in
parent-alignment-X might be acceptable for the benefit of
making interfaces easier to remember.


[1] Careful if you use the shell for this. I once did

    find . -name "*" -exec sed -i "s/something/something else/g" {} \;

    and my Git repository got borked since this had modified
    internal files in .git/. I was unable to recover it.
    So better do

    sed -i".backup" "s/something/something else/g" $(git ls-files)

    where the use of git ls-files ensures you're only touching
    source files, and ".backup" specifies a backup suffix
    so you will always be able to recover should anything go wrong.

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