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Re: Odd interaction between ly:grob-property and hairpin

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Odd interaction between ly:grob-property and hairpin
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2022 22:57:14 +0100
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Jean Abou Samra <jean@abou-samra.fr> writes:

> Le 10/02/2022 à 15:42, Simon Albrecht a écrit :
>> Hi Aaron,
>> thanks a lot for the help! I knew that these pure vs. impure issues
>> exist, but I’ve never been able to wrap my head around them and this
>> is the first time I ever needed to account for them in practice.
>> Looking at Extending Manual section 2.8, it seems that Y-offset is
>> likely to be affected, so that makes sense.
>> What I don’t quite get is the meaning of the ‘begin’ and ‘end’
>> parameters in ly:grob-pure-property, but as long as 0 0 works, I’m
>> good ;) (and it’s not a topic for the bug list)
>> Best, Simon
> Sorry, I just received this message now so my previous reply didn't
> account for it (yes, list messages are taking 5 hours to reach
> recipients sometimes, this was discussed recently on lilypond-user).
> So, to answer your question, start and end are column ranks.
> The meaning of the question (ly:grob-pure-property grob start end)
> is "What will this grob property approximately on the broken
> piece if this spanner is broken between start and end?"

Not the way I understand things.  The question is "What will this grob
property be in a line that starts in column `start` and ends in column
`end`.  That spanners consist of broken pieces is a different
complication not specifically related to start/end.

> (for items they should be ignored).

I don't see that.  Even items may have different properties depending on
start/end.  For example, accidental rules should be taking them into
account (but don't currently) since accidentals on notes tied over bars
get repeated after a line break (and then don't need another

> They are used in VerticalAxisGroup pure calculations, to estimate how
> tall a staff will be between two certain points in order to score page
> breaking configurations.

Yes, that's more like it.

David Kastrup

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