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Re: Repeated repeat endings

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Repeated repeat endings
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2022 15:48:48 +0100
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Le 28/01/2022 à 12:32, Mats Bengtsson a écrit :

    I'm typesetting a score with repeats, where only one of the instruments
    has alternative endings, whereas for all the other instruments, the 1st
    and 2nd volta are identical. Reading the manual,
    ternative-endings, it says about specifications within the alternative
    block that "If they are omitted, alternatives are used once each, but
    the first is repeated as needed to satisfy the repeat count. "

    This gives the impression that it should be possible to only specify
    the alternative once for the instruments where the both endings should
    be identical, and for a single stave score Lilypond does indeed typeset
    something that is semantically correct:

    \version "2.23.5"
    \fixed c' \new Staff {\repeat volta 2 {c1 }\alternative{{c}} d }

    which is typeset with a single volta block marked "1. 2." (in version
    2.22 and earlier, the repeat sign wasn't typeset correctly in this
    example, but that seems to be fixed in 2.23.5).

    However, when you have multiple staves, whereof one has different first
    and second endings, the typeset version is semantically incorrect:

    \version "2.23.5"

    \fixed c'
      \new StaffGroup <<
        \new Staff {\repeat volta 2 {c1 }\alternative{{c}} d }
        \new Staff {\repeat volta 2 {e1 }\alternative{{g}{c'}} d' }

    and the marking of the volta blocks depends on which stave happens to
    be typeset at the top, as the following example illustrates, where the
    two staves have been swapped:

    \version "2.23.5"

    \fixed c'
      \new StaffGroup <<
        \new Staff {\repeat volta 2 {e1 }\alternative{{g}{c'}} d' }
        \new Staff {\repeat volta 2 {c1 }\alternative{{c}} d }

    I know that there's ongoing work on the \repeats and I haven't tried
    the latest version in git, so perhaps this has already improved, but I
    leave it as a feature request that both the two latter examples result
    in a typeset score with two volta blocks marked "1." and "2.", where
    the alternative is repeated for the staves where only a single
    alternative is specified. If that's very hard to implement, please add
    a note in the documentation, along the lines of

    "Note: Specify the same number of alternatives for all staves, to avoid
    unexpected results."

    It's obviously easy to workaround the current limitations, for example
    by defining a substitution function that repeats the alternative ending
    twice, but it would still be very convenient with an implementation
    that actually agrees with the current formulation in the NR.




Thanks, opened


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