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Possible Additions to List of Publications

From: Hendursaga
Subject: Possible Additions to List of Publications
Date: Wed, 08 Jun 2022 19:19:45 -0400

Hello 'ponders!

On a whim, after looking through the publications page[0], I decided to search 
for other, interesting papers that are related to LilyPond. Here's a few I've 

1) Shaffer, Kris. "Make Stunning Schenker Graphs with GNU Lilypond". Linux J. 
2005, no.140 (2005).
2) Nápoles López, Néstor, Gabriel Vigliensoni, and Ichiro Fujinaga. "The 
effects of translation between symbolic music formats: A case study with 
Humdrum, Lilypond, MEI, and MusicXML." In Music Encoding Conference, Vienna, 
Austria. 2019.
3) Colbert-Pollack, Seth, "RNN monophonic sheet music generation with LilyPond" 
(2018). IPHS 300: Artificial Intelligence for the Humanities: Text, Image, and 
Sound. Paper 2. https://digital.kenyon.edu/dh_iphs_ai/2
4) Duckworth, Richard. "Microtonal Notation: LilyPond as a score editor for 
Bohlen-Pierce Scales."
5) Sinclair, Stephen, Michael Droettboom, and Ichiro Fujinaga. "Lilypond for 
pyScore: Approaching a universal translator for music notation." In ISMIR, pp. 
387-388. 2006.
6) Gordini, Tommaso, and Davide Liessi. "LilyPond: un music engraver 
integrabile con LATEX."

Not sure what exactly are the criteria for inclusion, but they all clearly 
relate, at least. Any of these look good?



[0] https://lilypond.org/publications.html
[1] https://dl.acm.org/doi/fullHtml/10.5555/1103141.1103142
[5] https://archives.ismir.net/ismir2006/paper/000156.pdf
[6] https://guitex.org/home/images/ArsTeXnica/AT018/gordini-liessi.pdf

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