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Re: Two possible bugs bugging me

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Two possible bugs bugging me
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 22:00:14 +0200

> 2. I do some of my rough drafts in MSWord and transfer the notations to
> LilyPad. BUT as of version 22, I have a problem with quotation marks and
> apostrophes. MSWord uses curly quote marks and curly apostrophes as a
> default, which I would hate to change. And LilyPad is now only recognizing
> straight ones. Curly commas are OK, but I have to manually change the
> quotes and apostrophes after transferring the text to the .ly document, in
> order to prevent strings of weird code. I always miss a couple, which
> drives me nuts. (I'm halfway there as it is.) Can this be put back the way
> it was?

Simple: don’t use MS Word to edit LilyPond code. A rich text editor is not a 
good tool to edit raw text. Taking an analogy, this request sounds a bit as if 
you were trying to cut bread with your fingernails and complained that your 
nail varnish prevented you from doing that. Just don’t do it that way :-)

Do you have any particular reason not to use LilyPad all way through?

At any rate, LilyPad is gone in 2.23, we now only distribute binaries of 
LilyPond, without a minimalistic GUI. Instead, we recommend editors like 
Frescobaldi. I strongly recommend you try it, for me it was a relief.

All the best,

> Respectfully submitted,
> Bari Ramsey
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