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Re: Two possible bugs bugging me

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Two possible bugs bugging me
Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2022 16:00:44 +0200
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John Ramsey <ramseyman1@gmail.com> writes:

> Thank you for this. It didn't occur to me there would be a new reference
> manual for each new edition. Nor did it occur to me that there would be
> such a thing as odd-numbered editions for developers. I am a musician, a
> composer, one who has gotten quite a bit of really good use from
> Lilipond. It fits my particular needs for vocal music much better than the
> drag and drop programs. But I'm not a developer, and it's difficult for me
> to parse a lot of the tech jargon. In fact, I'm leaving this group. It's
> obviously not for me.

Well, this is the bug reporting list.  It's sort of like entering a car
servicing station when you are having a problem.  Definitely the right
place for actual problems, but not all the conversations triggered by
your problem will be meaningful to you.

Apart from this crossover list bug-lilypon, there is lilypond-user where
people can talk about their cars (and probably get told when some
problem they are experiencing is actually worth consulting mechanics
for) and lilypond-devel where the mechanics hang out among themselves
and are planning the next car generation.

> I appreciate the help. I've compiled my own little personal manual
> that works for a non-techy like myself, and this new piece of code
> will be a useful addition to it.

lilypond-user may be a better place to frequent.  Make no mistake:
there'll be mechanics there too (and might get carried away sometimes),
but the general level of discourse should be at a user-accessible level.
And if it isn't, asking questions is not supposed to be frowned upon.

You can check out the archives to see whether you think frequenting it
might be something that might benefit you and/or others.


David Kastrup

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