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[Bug-make] .LIBPATTERNS - new functionality in gnu-make 3.79

From: John O'Connor \(at home\)
Subject: [Bug-make] .LIBPATTERNS - new functionality in gnu-make 3.79
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 02:02:03 +0100

I am using gnu make 3.79 under Solaris 2.6.
The new .LIBPATTERN functionality is very useful, but does not appear to work in the "true" make sense (to me at least).
The following is the type of problem I am trying to solve:-
LIBS := -lffoobar
$(BINDIR)/prog : $(CURDIR)/source.c $(filter -l% %.a, $(LIBS))
    cc -o $@ < $(LIBS)
$(LIBDIR)/libfoobar.so : (LIBDIR)/libfoobar.so.1
    rm $@
    ln -s $< $@
(LIBDIR)/libfoobar.so.1 : $(OBJS)
    cc -o $@ etc. etc.
The link so.1 -> so is necessary to support versioning for the shared libraries we use in the product.
The problem arises on first time build - I get "No rule to make -lfoobar".
If, however, I build foobar.so - the error disappears.
It looks like the algorithm is able to locate the file is present, but is unable to make the library on demand from the -l dependency ?
Thanks for any help.
John O'Connor, Phone.com (Belfast)
Phone: +44.28.90416350
Mobile: +44.7802.186243


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