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make: default rules for LaTeX -> PDF

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: make: default rules for LaTeX -> PDF
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 22:08:47 EDT

I would like to see built-in support added to GNU make 3.78.1 for
making PDF files from LaTeX source.

As I see it, this would involve adding the following to the default
list of suffixes:

.PS .pdf

(Note that I use uppercase "PS" to denote a generated PostScript file,
as opposed to "ps" for a source file.)

The following additional variables:

LATEX = latex
DVIPS = dvips
PS2PDF = ps2pdf

And the following default pattern rules:

        $(DVIPS) $(DVIPS_FLAGS) -o $@ $<

        $(PS2PDF) $< $@

And I would like to see the default rule for .tex.dvi changed to use
$(LATEX) instead of $(TEX).

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