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long commands on windows nt return an error

From: Kendrick Hamilton
Subject: long commands on windows nt return an error
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 13:17:45 -0600

    I am running GNU Make version 3.79.1 built for i386-pc-msdosdjgpp.
If the make command results in a long command to execute, make returns
error of -1. If I type in the command make is trying to execute at the
prompt, the command runs fine. Here is an example that causes the

 OBJS  = mcu_s360.o mcu_ccs.o mcu_acs.o mcu_tcs.o mcu_exc.o mcu_util.o \

    mcu_vect.o mcu_main.o mcu_ini.o sim_ini.o sim_pit.o \
    cpm_brg.o cpm_cpi.o cpm_dma.o cpm_ini.o cpm_scc.o cpm_si.o \
    cpm_smc.o cpm_tmr.o dpt_init.o dpt_disp.o dpt_even.o \
       dpt_evld.o dpt_kick.o dpt_qeve.o eah_ini.o dch_io.o dch_tps.o \
    dch_cci.o dch_rci.o dch_tsi.o aci_ini.o scf_ini.o cfg_tab.o \
    app_ini.o cci_com.o ccx_com.o sbd_com.o sbd_dev.o sbd_almb.o \
    sbd_almn.o sbd_hp2n.o sbd_hp4n.o sbd_hp6n.o sbd_smxn.o \
    sbd_11an.o sbd_fpal.o sbd10pos.o sbd_2pos.o sbd_deic.o \
    sts_com.o sbd_lia.o

core.ncs: $(OBJS) hwi_main.o mcu_frpm.o siosmain.spc sm_files.txt
    linker -f sios\siosmain.spc $(OBJS) -o core.ncs -L C:\sds70\lib68000

Kendrick Hamilton E.I.T.
SED Systems Inc.
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Saskatoon, S7N 3R1
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