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Re: feature request for gnu make

From: Tom Drabenstott
Subject: Re: feature request for gnu make
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:55:24 -0500

Hi --

I'd just like to put in a second for a temporary file feature for a
future rev. of gmake.  I'm not quite sure what nmake and Borland make
can do but what would be useful to me is something like the following:

my_cfg_file :<
        temp command line one
        temp command line two

stage2:  my_cfg_file stage1
        my_exec -command my_cfg_file

Basically, the ":<" token means "redirect the following commands into
the target file."  It would be nice if there was a way to re-make the
temp file every time and also a way only remake only if it's
dependencies change.  I suppose this could be done by telling make it is
creating a different file than it actually is though. 

Currently, file creation can be accomplished using echo's but it is a
pain to add the quotes and back slashes.  It's even more of a pain if
the text needs to contain quotes or backslashes of its own.  It might
also be useful to have to option not even have to tab the command lines
for this case although I do like visual effect of indenting.

There are a lot of executables out there that expect a little batch file
as input and in these cases a feature like the one suggested above would
make GNU make all the better IMHO.


-- Tom 


Tal Benavidor wrote:
> NOTE: this is not a bug repotr, it's a feature request!
> hi,
> i work on windows nt and need a make program.
> i've tried microsoft's nmake, borland make and of course gnu make.
> gnu make is far superior to the others but is lacking an important feature 
> which
> the other two make programs have: temporary file.
> being able to write something like that is very important to me:
> out.abs: $(objs)
>   $(LINK) $@ @<<
>   $(objs)
> <<
> so if i'm to stupid to notice that gnu make support this feature or has a 
> superior
> one - please enlight me.
> if not, please consider adding it in the next version.
> Tal.
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