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Re: make version 3.79.1, VPATH problem(?)

From: rogier . wester
Subject: Re: make version 3.79.1, VPATH problem(?)
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 20:21:03 +0100

Dear Paul,

Sorry for the missing information, but I use (a part of ) the precompiled 
cygwin toolset,
I was pleasantly surprised that make 3.79 did not pass the /cygdrive/c in the 
but this VPATH problem remained.

Reading your mail, I may have addressed the problem to the wrong people then. 
Would you advise me to recompile gmake for windows32 or is there a precompiled 
that I can download from.


Rogier Wester,
BLV Eindhoven, BC-p
Hurkestraat 19, 5652 AH Eindhoven,
+31 40 2724255

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