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GNU Make on VMS

From: Tim Scott
Subject: GNU Make on VMS
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 13:08:30 -0000


[ please advise if I should look elsewhere first for these answers ... ]

I'm having trouble building GNU Make 3.79 on VMS. I'm getting:-

          if (listp)
%CC-E-UNDECLARED, In this statement, "listp" is not declared.
at line number 204 in file DKA100:[GNUMAKE]VARIABLE.C;1

I can't see 'listp' referenced anywhere else in the whole of the source code
apart from lines 204 and 205 in variable.c - would there be any harm in
removing both lines ?

The lines read:-
          if (listp)
            *listp = current_variable_set_list;

Unless listp is set somewhere point at something then these lines surely
can't do anything ??

While I'm here I also get a warning:-
Compiling function...

  while ((t = find_next_token (&text, &len)) != 0)
%CC-W-PTRMISMATCH, In this statement, the referenced type of the pointer
value "&len" is "int", which is not compatible with "unsigned int".
at line number 162 in file DKA100:[GNUMAKE]FUNCTION.C;1

which I thought might be of interest.


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