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Error using macro in command line

From: leesb
Subject: Error using macro in command line
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 09:29:44 +0900

Hi there,
I'm using GNU make supplied in pRISM which is the development environment of
WindRiver RTOS "pSOS". My computer works on Windows 2000. The make version is 3.77.
And I also wana use Rational Rose RealTime. This tools generates command line like as below
C:\Work\pSOSHello>sh gnumake.ksh -f "c:\PROGRA~1\Rational\ROSERE~1/codegen/bootstrap/
Gnu_make.mk" RTS_HOME="c:/PROGRA~1/Rational/ROSERE~1/C/TargetRTS" MODEL=
"C:/Work/HelloWorld.rtmdl" COMPONENT="Component View::pSOSHello" RTmakefiles
In this command, sh is the program of MKS tool kit version 6.1 and the script file gnumake.ksh set some
environment variables. As you know, bold charaters are macro and the target GNU make should make is
RTmakefiles. But this command line generates error.
c:\isiarm\pssarm.230\bin\win32\gnu\make: *** No rule to make target `View::pSOSH
ello'.  Stop

I think this problem is that make doen't recognize the space in "Component View::pSOSHello"
I also tested version 3.79.1. It makes same error.
Best Regards
   Seung-Bum Lee
   IMT-2000 Terminal Research Team
   Telecommunication R&D Center
   Samsung Electronics Co., LTD.
   Tel : +82-31-280-1754
   Fax : +82-31-280-9447~8
   Mobile : 016-713-7392

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