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Re: Better Debugging

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: Better Debugging
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 11:16:14 -0500

%% Regarding Better Debugging; you wrote:

  jlp> The -d debug flag gives some information, but not a lot.  What
  jlp> I would like to be able to see is:

Some would say it gives too much :)

  jlp> (a) the values of all the variables
  jlp> (b) what files are being included
  jlp> (c) what the actual dependencies are

  jlp> I've started trying to add this to the existing make-3.77 source.

This is a very old version.  You need to get the latest version
(currently 3.79.1).

There have been improvements to this version which may obviate some of
your changes.  For example, if you use the -p option to generate the
makefile database, it will show each variable, it's value, and where
(file name and line number) it was defined.

There are also various different values for debug options you can set.

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