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make documentation snags

From: Wolfgang Laun
Subject: make documentation snags
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 08:06:40 +0100

GNU Make version 3.77
GNU Make Manual 20 May 1998

Some documentation snags:

(a) Functions -> 
      Text Functions -> 
         Functions for String Substitution and Analysis
The documentation on subst does not mention that
$(subst ,TO,TEXT) returns TEXTTO, e.g.:
  bash> make -f -
  X = $(subst ,B,TEXT)
  all: ; @echo $(X)

(b) ./. ->
      ./. ->
        Functions for File Names
The documentation on join claims that "[join] can merge
the results of `dir' and `notdir' functions, to produce
the original list of files...".

This is not true in general, since 
   $(join $(dir $(LIST)),$(notdir $(LIST)))
will for
(1) LIST = foo bar
return file names prefixed with ./ (which is, of course,
not likely to cause any problems),
(2) LIST = /a/b /foo/ /c/d
definitely *not* return the original list.

(c) I feel that the functions word, wordlist, words, firstword
and (arguably) also join, addsuffix and addprefix should come
under the heading "Text Functions" rather than "Functions for
File Names".


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