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semi-colon in makefiles?

From: Martin Naskovski
Subject: semi-colon in makefiles?
Date: Tue, 06 Feb 2001 21:03:14 -0800

I am running make 3.79.1 on Windows 2000 which I got from Delorie.com's site. My intent is to compile a .java into a .class file, however the javac compiler that I am using requires that multiple JAR files that are specified on the -classpath command line be separated by semi-colons. I.e.

JSUFFIXES = .class .java


JAVAC = javac

CLASSPATH = c:\apps\JSDK2.0\lib\jsdk.jar;c:\apps\javalibs\MD5.jar

JFLAGS=-classpath $(CLASSPATH) -deprecation -g


        @echo ----------------- $(HOSTNAME) javac $< -----------------------
        $(COMPILE.java) $<

When I run make, it fails to interpret the semi-colong that separates MD5.jar and jsdk.jar as a literal, and it thinks it's some dependency or some other command and it fails to compile my .java file properly. How do I get 'make' to treat the semi-colon as a literal and not as some implicit rule? I looked all over the documentation, and maybe I missed it- or maybe this is a bug.

Can you fill me in with some response? Thanks.


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