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Documentation and other things

From: Magnus Fromreide
Subject: Documentation and other things
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 19:49:54 +0100 (MET)

In the info maual section Phony Target it is recommended that submakes
are started using a pattern where each subdir is used as a target in order
to make paralelization easier but this makes it very hard to communicate
to the submake what the target should be.

In the section Recursive use of `make' no reference is made to that
discussion and the only case that is treated is the one where there is
only a single subdirectory.

Which method should be preferred here? Could the documentation be

On a completly different point, is there any way to make GNU make turn off
the automatic rebuilding of include files - primarily as a portability
aid when you doesn't want to resort to .POSIX: since that is overly
restrictive. (Yes, I know that he correct answer is to migrate to GNU make
but that is sadly enough not an option)

Additionally it would be nice if there was a shorter version of
--no-print-directory -- the obvious fix would seem to be that not turn it
on for recursive makes, if there is a need for it then the short option -w
turns it on. By the current behaviour there is no way to specify that it
should be turned off save for that long name.

Oh yes, if there is no file to be included but make knows how to build it
then that isn't strictly an error and thus it shouldn't be reported but it
still is reported, will the new read.c version fix this as well?

With kind regards

Magnus Fromreide

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