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Make 3.79.1 On Windows 2000

From: Eric Mader
Subject: Make 3.79.1 On Windows 2000
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 16:06:25 -0800


I'm running Make 3.79.1 on Windows 2000 and have run across two

The first is that on Windows 2000 systems with FAT32 filesystems, I get
a lot of warnings like this:

gnumake[3]: *** Warning: File
has modification time in the future (2001-02-06 02:21:40 > 2001-02-06

(the times are always two seconds in the future)

I don't get these warnings using the same files on a Windows 2000 system
with an NTFS filesystem.

The second problem happens on all Windows 2000 systems, regardless of
the filesystem type. What happens is that the build will suddenly hang
right after creating a process. It looks like a classic deadlock, no
make related processos seem to be running, and the cpu usage drops to 2%
or less. Here's the last bit of the output running w/ -d:

CreateProcess(c:\mksnt\sh.exe,c:/mksnt/sh.exe -c "C:/mksnt/echo.exe
emader-`C:/mksnt/date.exe '+%y%m%d-%H:%M'`",...)

As you can see, I'm running with the MKS toolkit (v 6.2a) installed, and
make is using the MKS shell.

If I use the -n option, the build hangs in the same place.

I can work around this problem by redirecting make's output to a file,
but that's a bit of a pain.

Eric Mader

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