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GNU make evolution

From: jacques klein
Subject: GNU make evolution
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 17:52:51 +0100

Please can you tell me who is the current maintainer of the make utility
(3.79.1) ?
I would like to send him some questions about all the changes since

Well, why not asking here ....

I hacked the make version 3.77 in order to be able to extend the builtin
functions with new functions, mainly for one
reason: to run faster as with $(shell ....) when implementing things the
limited set of builtin functions cannot do.
I didn't use it up to today where I decided to port my stuff to the
latest make version. Ok, the implementation of  the
builtin functions has changed, is much cleaner now, but it seems that
ONE thing has gone: the succes/failure status that was returned by a
builtin function. Do you have a suggestion about this ?, how to
reimplement it ?

And of course, althrough I didn't really try to use my extension stuff,
and have not yet a complete view of the thing, you are welcome to
discuss this subject....if interested in.

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