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RE: Pattern Specific Variable Limitation

From: Oelke, Dan
Subject: RE: Pattern Specific Variable Limitation
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 09:27:33 -0600

As a long time "abuser" of makefiles - especially using gnu make extensions,
I feel
a need to speak up here.

I see Matthew's need, and feel his pain in dealing with lots of makefiles
include one another, making it hard to predict the order.  However, I feel
that the
current behavior is more correct.  My biggest set of reasoning behind this
is that 
simply expanded variables are defined and redefined in the order that they
encountered.  I would think that Pattern Specific Variable definitions
should be 
the same way.

Since this behavior is not explicitly documented, and I could see it being
it probably should be added.

(Personal note - anyone know how to get the Rational clearmake people to
pattern specific variables in their gnu extension list?  <sigh> )

Dan Oelke

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