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Re: make-3.79.1

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: make-3.79.1
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:42:05 -0500

%% winfried szukalski <address@hidden> writes:

  ws> But the following command 'make install' triggered the compilation
  ws> of the kernel once more.

  ws> I had used make-3.78.1 before. These complications are new. And
  ws> unusual.  I suppose a bug in make-3.79.1 .

There's absolutely nothing about the changes you had to make in the
makefile which have anything to do with make.  Make doesn't know
anything about the commands its asked to invoke: it merely takes the
text in the rule and hands it off to a subshell, then waits to see
whether it exits with a success or failure exit code.

Any syntax errors, changes to command line invocation, etc. etc. is the
problem of the makefile author and make has nothing to do with it.

The problem of rebuilding the kernel during make install _might_ have
something to do with a problem in make, but probably not.  There would
have to be a more rigorous investigation to determine that.

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