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wildcard function in 3.77

From: Peter Buckley
Subject: wildcard function in 3.77
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 12:47:49 -0500

I have GNU make version 3.77. I use the same makefile for UNIX SunoS 5.6 and
Windows NT 4.0 SP5. I have a "clean" target that removes files generated by
the makefile. When I say "breaks" I mean it doesn't remove the files- it
doesn't give any error messages. Do I need to update my version of GNU make?
Is there a website that details what changes are made between versions of
make? If I update will it change functionality to such a degree that my
makefiles will need to be changed? I have approx 200 makefiles that use GNU

Works on UNIX, breaks on NT
clean :
        -$(RM) -f *.map *.out *.pat *.filtered *.img *.dat $(REPORT) *.prom
*.lis *.pci *.exe *.tmp 

Works on NT, breaks on UNIX
clean :
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard Coverage/*.txt) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard Coverage/*.cfy)
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.map) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.out) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.pat) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.filtered) 
        -$(RM) -f ./$(REPORT) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.img)
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.dat) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.prom) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.pci) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.lis) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.exe) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.tmp) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.raw) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.log)
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.dcp) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.pkg) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.o)
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.a) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.ucode) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.crtmp) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.ascii) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *.processed) 
        -$(RM) -f $(wildcard *tlustate)


Peter Buckley
C-Port Corporation, a Motorola Company
One High Street
No. Andover, MA 01845

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