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Re: Unterminated string error

From: John Alvord
Subject: Re: Unterminated string error
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 03:26:03 GMT

On Mon, 2 Apr 2001 20:29:20 -0400, "Paul D. Smith" <address@hidden>

>%% address@hidden (John Alvord) writes:
>  ja> This is a gnu make 3.79.1, freshly gotten from the archives - date was
>  ja> June 2000 if I remember. I am work on upgrading from 3.75 to 3.79.1.
>  ja> There were a few small repairs needed, but it mostly looks OK.
>  ja> This is on NT 4, using sh.exe for a command shell.
>  ja> Given the following makefile
>  ja> test:
>  ja>  echo "* "
>  ja> That is an asterisk followed by a blank. I am getting "Syntax error:
>  ja> unterminated quoted string" display immediated after the echo.
>If the error message is exactly what you've quoted (or even close), it's
>not being produced by GNU make, but instead by your shell.
>The only way GNU make could be involved is if somehow it is not invoking
>the subshell with the entire argument string; this would have to be
>NT-specific, I think, since it doesn't happen with the UNIX version.

I agree 100% it is windows specific. The gnumake version I am
attempting to upgrade from is 3.75 and it doesn't have the problem. In
both cases the shell in use is sh.exe. For 3.75, an echo of $(SHELL)
gives: //d/usr/bin/sh.exe. For 3.79.1 it gives d:/use/bin/sh.exe. It
is the same sh.exe in each case.

I'll work through the problem and let you know.

john alvord

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