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Re: fixes for NEXTSTEP3.3 (make-3.79.1)

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: fixes for NEXTSTEP3.3 (make-3.79.1)
Date: 04 Apr 2001 13:07:53 -0400
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%% Timm Wetzel <address@hidden> writes:

  tw> - wildcard problem: Due to some never-defined macro
  tw>   _DIRENT_HAVE_D_NAMLEN d_namlen always stays zero. This seems to
  tw>   affect all systems using struct direct (versus struct
  tw>   dirent). (semi-clean patch to dir.c appended.)

OK, I'll look at this.  Systems that don't have dirent are pretty sparse
these days, so I don't know that I can come up with why or where the
above macro was used.

  tw> - parallelism: The parallelism test using a sub-make fails. The
  tw>   problem is apparently that on non-jobserver systems (NS does not
  tw>   have sigaction()) `-j n' arguments are not passed to
  tw>   submakes. Suggestion: Use `-j' in this testcase (which does get
  tw>   passed down). However, if the test is intended to explicitely test
  tw>   for the jobserver, one should probably document that this failure is 
  tw>   expected for non-jobserver systems. (See patch to parallelism.)

Hmm.  I tried this on SunOS 4.1.4, which doesn't support jobserver, and
IIRC the all tests passed.  I'll take a look.

This solution (just -j) can't be used, since -j is considered "infinite
jobs" and doesn't use the jobserver feature at all.

  tw> - jobserver: I've added a mostly mechanical patch to enable the
  tw>   jobserver on systems which miss sigaction() but do have sigvec(). It
  tw>   passes the tests, but I haven't stress-tested it. The autoconf
  tw>   changes are trivial, but I couldn't test them.

  tw> - The README mentions the GNATS Web interface to report make bugs, but
  tw>   this doesn't seem to be available without username/password?

Use guest/guest.  Unfortunately I haven't released a new version of GNU
make since the FSF reworked their bug system earlier this winter.

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