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Re: _ECHO=

From: Ralph_Goers
Subject: Re: _ECHO=
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2001 01:38:22 -0700

The attached make file should echo the command "echo dummy compile" when
make is invoked as "make _ECHO=".  It does not.  As is noted by Mike Evans
below, if the @ on the first command in the defined macro is removed then
_ECHO= works properly.  I am using make-3.79.1.

(See attached file: makefile)

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    I tried your file, and it does indeed fail.  However, if you remove the
@ from the first echo, then the macro-ized echo works as expected ... very


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Subject: _ECHO=

> Try the attached makefile.  I cannot get _ECHO= to work with this.
> (See attached file: makefile)

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