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vpath bug

From: Ulvr, John
Subject: vpath bug
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2001 06:16:54 -0700

I have the following makefile:

vpath %.c c:/usr/Leviticus/cm/RTCS2.76/SOURCE/APPS

default : binfile.o

%.o: %.c
        echo "building .o file"   $<  $@

When I run it, I get the following error:
make: *** No rule to make target `binfile.o', needed by `default'.  Stop.
even though binfile.c exists in that directory

If I change the makefile to read:

vpath %.c c:/usr/Leviticus/cm/RTCS2.76\SOURCE/APPS              (notice one
slash has changed!)

default : binfile.o

%.o: %.c
        echo "building .o file"   $<  $@

I get the following output:
echo "building .o file"   /usr/Leviticus/cm/RTCS2.76\SOURCE/APPS/binfile.c
building .o file /usr/Leviticus/cm/RTCS2.76SOURCE/APPS/binfile.c binfile.o

This is a problem, as many commands intererate
/usr/Leviticus/cm/RTCS2.76\SOURCE/APPS/ as
usr/Leveviticus/cm/RTCS2.76SOURCE/APPS/...  The worst part is, there's no
way around this problem that I can think of except for a really ugly subst

I am running gnu make v3.79.1.  This bug occurs with both MAKE_MODE=unix and
MAKE_MODE undefined.


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