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Cannot find shell with make-3.79.1 on i686-pc-cygwin

From: Shawn Carey
Subject: Cannot find shell with make-3.79.1 on i686-pc-cygwin
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:50:31 -0400


I'm using cygwin's build of GNU make on a Windows 2000 system.  I recently
upgraded the make executable from version 3.79 to 3.79.1, and now I'm having
some problems...

The compile-time initialization of "default_shell" (main.c:1134) has changed
from "sh.exe" in version 3.79 to "/bin/sh.exe" in 3.79.1.  The unqualified
value of "sh.exe" allowed make to find sh.exe using PATH, but "/bin/sh.exe"
does not exist on my system and is not found by make.  The following
Makefile demonstrates the problem I'm seeing:

##### begin
        echo "SHELL=$(SHELL) ($(origin SHELL))"
##### end

Here are the results when I execute this Makefile with make 3.79 and 3.79.1:

C:\TEMP> make-3.79
echo "SHELL=sh.exe (default)"
SHELL=sh.exe (default)

C:\TEMP> make-3.79.1
echo "SHELL=/bin/sh.exe (default)"
make-3.79.1: /bin/sh.exe: Command not found
make-3.79.1: *** [all] Error 127

Was this change intentional?  If so, is there some way to get my makefiles
to run again without copying a shell to /bin or running make with
"SHELL=sh.exe" on the command line?  Any help is greatly appreciated!


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