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clock skews

From: DSPTools.Support
Subject: clock skews
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 06:51:08 -0400

My client has the following clock skew error message using our product ,
which includes GMAKE. The skew is only about two seconds but is
understandably annoying to the customer. I am unable to duplicate  the
problem in the lab and suspect it is related to his system clock being out
of synch when our product, vdsp, was installed. He was playing about with
the daylight saving tick box in the system tray around the time of the
installation. Have you seen anything like this before? I should clarify at
the outset that he is using one PC and is not sharing files with any other.
All the files are in the same PC at all times. I looked at your
documentation web page but couldn't see anything. I would be grateful if you
could point me in the right direction.

gmake-378: *** Warning: File `parser.c' has modification time in the future
(2001-07-12 10:51:28 > 2001-07-12 10:51:26)
gmake-378: *** Warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.
No valid command(s) to build.

Thanks and regards,
John B
Technical Support Engineer
Analog Devices, Inc
email: address@hidden
CROSSCORE, Analog Devices DSP Development Tools

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