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Parallelism check failure

From: ray . griffith
Subject: Parallelism check failure
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 09:11:52 +0100

Dear Support Person,

I have tried to run the "./make check" procedure and I always get a failure
on the parallelism test. The error is given as "Clock Skew". The
configuration we have is such that the check is being run on an NFS mounted
files system and we suspect that there is very slight time difference
between the time on the host and the time on the filestore. From what we can
see the difference is within acceptable limits. The host is a Sun Ultra2 and
the filestore is be Network Appliance. Both the host and the filestore run
SNTP to synchronise clocks from the same source. On odd occasions you can
run the check and it passes but the success rate is less than 1 in 20 or

I have attached the relevant details and would be grateful for you comments
on effects this issue may have on a "make" and if necessary resolve it. I
can also say that if the test is run from local disk on the same system it
passes every time. Given there is a move to put store centrally either in a
SAN or NAS type environment this is likely to become more of an issue
especially if it causes "makes" to fail. (No proof of failures yet :-) ).
The test does appear to complete correctly - it is just the clock skew that
causes it to fail.

Thank you for your time.

Ray Griffith

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