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Enhancements to GNU Make

From: Benn Bollay
Subject: Enhancements to GNU Make
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 21:20:55 -0700

Hi -
I've created two enhancements to gnu make. The first is procedure support, a'la macro's. The second is a single-level recursive assignment. Both are detailed below. The patch is available on request, or at:

Procedure Support:
Make currently lacks the ability to do multiple things on a single line. As such, I've implemented 'procedure support', which is best displayed by the example below:

  define my-procedure
  var1 := $1
  foo := bar
  test :
       @echo This is a test


  $(proc my-procedure,somevalue)   # above fragment inserted at this point

This utilizes the 'define/endef' variable creation functionality already existing within make to create multi-line variables. These multi-line variables are treated as makefile fragments, and are inserted in to the current flow via layered calls to "read_makefile". The results of this functionality allow a given script to be executed at will without the need for duplication of source.

Single Level Recursive Assignment:
Currently, make supports two different basic types of variable assignment. ":=" assignment and "=" assignment create a simply expanded and recursively expanded variable, relatively. I have added a third type of assignment without altering the two types of variables. This operator, "^=", performs a single-level expansion to the rhs of the assignment, and copies the resulting value into the left hand variable, setting it to be a recursive variable. For example, in current make:
  foo = $(bar)
  bar = end

  alph = $(foo)
The value of "alph" will, obviously, be "$(foo)". However, if what you wanted was to copy the value of foo, there is no way of doing so.

  foo = $(bar)
  bar = end
  alph ^= $(foo)
Now, with a single level of expansion, alph will have the value of $(bar) such that it is independent from any future values of foo. $(alph) will still result in 'end' as a value.

Both of these have been implemented against make-3.79.1, and have no known negative side effects against any current makefile functionality (i.e. all current makefiles will continue to function as expected).

I would dearly like to integrate these patches in with the rest of the source tree. Please let me know any questions or comments you might have regarding these features.


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