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error with Make.exe version 3.79.1

From: Cort Schaefer
Subject: error with Make.exe version 3.79.1
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 01:14:15 -0600

To whom it may concern:

I have been using the version of make that comes with the Cygwin distribution on Windows for quite some time and have not had a single problem until I just recently updated to a later version of Cygwin.  In the update make.exe was updated from version 3.79.1 to 3.79.1 yes they are the same version number.  However, the file dates and sizes are different:

06/26/2001  01:24p             156,160 make.exe.new

10/22/2000  09:47p             156,672 make.exe.works

It seems that the problem goes away if I just copy an older version of make.exe from another workstation, although the problem is intermittent enough that I could not be positive yet.

Any feedback would be appreciated.  If this message would be better directed to someone else, please let me know.

Cort A. Schaefer


(801) 266-1111 x105


Here is the contents of make.exe.stackdump:

Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=0040D5EF

eax=00000004 ebx=614E3734 ecx=61098838 edx=0242E9D8 esi=FFFFFFFF edi=00000000

ebp=0242EA14 esp=0242E9E4 program=C:\Apps\cygwin\bin\make.exe

cs=001B ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003B gs=0000 ss=0023

Stack trace:

Frame     Function  Args

0242EA14  0040D5EF  (00000004, 0A14C088, 000000C8, 00408BAE)

0242EA34  61082652  (00000004, 0A14C088, 000000C8, 00408BDE)

0242EAA4  00408BFB  (0A13446F, 0242EAEC, 00408D8E, 004045F2)

0242EAD4  00408F25  (0A13446F, 00000001, 0242EAEC, 004260B4)

0242EB44  00409149  (0242EBAC, 0242EBB0, 0000002C, 00403F3D)

0242EBC4  00403FFA  (00000000, 0A075418, FFFFFFFF, 6105844F)

0242EBE4  004045AA  (0A075418, 0A14FCF5, 0242EC24, 00406FE0)

0242EC14  00404636  (0A075418, 00000000, 0242EC74, 0A0752F8)

0242EC44  004048A2  (0A075418, 00000000, 0A15D58C, 6102BB24)

0242EC74  00403E9E  (0A0752F8, 00000007, 0000003A, 00403F3D)

0242ECF4  004043A3  (00000000, 0A14FCF3, FFFFFFFF, 0A134110)

0242ED14  004045AA  (0A14FCF3, 0A151417, 0000001E, 0A15D510)

0242ED44  00404636  (0A14FCF3, 00000000, 0242ED74, 6102B7DD)

0242ED74  004048A2  (0A14FCF3, 00000000, 00000001, 00408054)

0242EDD4  00408113  (0A14FC10, 0242EE1C, 00408D57, 00000025)

0242EE04  00408F25  (0A14FC10, 00000003, 0242EE1C, 00426114)

End of stack trace (more stack frames may be present)19761501 [sig] make 2684 proc_subproc: couldn't get proc lock.  Something is wrong.       

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