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Re: GNU make bug

From: Abe Shen
Subject: Re: GNU make bug
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:13:15 -0700


Thank you very much. I will try 3.79.1 to see what happens. Wind River
Systems technical support engineer is using 3.79 and it seems to resolve
the problem.

- Abe

"Paul D. Smith" wrote:

> GNU make does support Windows, but not at version 3.74.
> Support for Windows was not added until version 3.75.
> If you have a version of GNU make for 3.74 on Windows it must be part of
> the Cygnus package: that version of GNU make is slightly different than
> the standard GNU version and you need to discuss it with them.
> The latest version of GNU make is 3.79.1 and it should build and run on
> DOS and Windows of all flavors.  See the README.W32 file for more
> information about building and using GNU make in a Windows32
> environment, and if you have questions or need help the best place to go
> is the address@hidden mailing list.
> HTH...
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